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Venting Index

For more information about venting index, please visit: The Government of British Columbia’s website.
(Click the link above to view the current smoke venting index. (Mayne Island uses the  data listed for “SRN VAN ISLD” near the bottom of the page. The “4:00 pm TODAY” data represents the current day’s condition.)

Introducing the Venting Index Interactive Map which is now available for the entire province.

What is the Venting Index and why does it matter?

The Venting Index is a numerical value related to the potential of the atmosphere to disperse smoke and other pollutants. It is based on both the current wind speed in the mixed layer and the mixing height. The mixed layer is the surface layer of air that is turbulent and well mixed. The mixing height is the thickness (sometimes zero) of this mixed layer. Adequate venting is required to disperse the smoke generated by open burning. If there is not adequate venting, the smoke settles over the area it originates from.